With 'Game Of Thrones,' The Only People Not Paying Attention To The Online Reaction Is the Showrunners Themselves

If you've been frustrated and/or intrigued and/or just generally feeling things in relation to the variety of recent developments happening on Game Of Thrones, you're not the only one: As of late Sunday nights have been causing an Internet-wide din that reverberates for the days following every episode. Some developments people have seemed quite pleased with, whereas others have triggered calls for change. That change may not come the way some want it, though — in part because the Game Of Thrones showrunners simply aren't listening to what we have to say.

The past decade in television has certainly been a brave new world in the way audiences relate to the shows they consume. Both on venues like twitter and facebook and in more "official" avenues of criticism, the din's just grown louder. So it's understandable that showrunners like Game Of Thrones' David Benioff and Dan Weiss would try to tune it out for the sake of their own brains. As they said in an interview with Entainment Weekly given months ago (but just being published now):

We both made this pact that we were going to stop looking at stuff online because you can go into the rabbit hole and get lost in this world of online Thrones commentary if you’re not careful. We both felt a lot saner after we stopped doing that. There’s many more important things to be reading about online than our own show.

See? We get that.

But it's still frustrating.Take Game Of Thrones Rapegate 2014 (title debatable): This was a case wherein paying attention to the criticism the show often draws for its troublesome relationship to sex might've paid off. They might have seen this specific din coming, basically, and maybe made changes that got their point across more effectively and not in a way that so utterly robbed one character of her agency while (inadvertently?) derailing the redemption arc of another. These comments were made months ago, of course, so it's entirely possible they've since amended their position. But it's something to think about, both for the audience and the showrunners.

Image: HBO