What Do We Know About Season 4 of 'Once Upon A Time?'

Finally, the day has arrived. The Season 3 finale of Once Upon a Time is this Sunday, and from the promos it seems that the show is already setting us up for major changes in Season 4. Though Once Upon a Time hasn't technically been renewed yet by ABC (they are due to make a decision by May 13) OUAT's strong ratings have us thinking that we don't have to worry about OUAT going anywhere any time soon. So what are we to expect from the new season? Let's see what clues we can gather up.

In last Sunday's episode Rumpel murdered Zelena and unintentionally released her green brand of magic back into Storybrooke. While we don't know what Zelena's powers will do, we know that it can't be good. The promos for the finale show Emma trying to fight her way out of a portal. Could Rumpel have inadvertently created another portal to a new world when he killed Zelena? Last season Neal was taken back to Neverland via portal — could this be a hint that we will see a new realm in Season 4?

It seems likely, given what we currently know about the fourth season of the series. Though the creators have been staying mostly mum about what to expect, we did get a juicy bit of casting news that might confirm that we will be venturing outside of Storybrooke in Season 4. According to reports, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's Michael Socha will reprise his role as the Knave of Hearts on Once Upon a Time and is set to join the cast as a series regular. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's cancellation may give the original series room to expand into the Wonderland universe. Socha's role and the upcoming portal jump make it likely that we'll fall "down the rabbit hole" in the new season.

But what about things happening on the home front? According to reports, we'll be seeing a wedding in the finale, which means that Season 4 will have at least two newlyweds. The most obvious couple to wed in the finale is Belle and Rumpel, as Rumpel proposed to Belle at the tail end of last week's episode. (For those of you who are like me and think that Belle and Rumpel are the worst couple ever , remember that he also tricked her into thinking she was in possession of the Dark One's dagger in the same breath as his proposal and feel vindicated.) But will Rumpel and Belle's wedding day be a happy one? If Once Upon A Time taught us anything about weddings, it's that they often spell trouble.

We'll also be getting one last hint as to the future of the show when Snow and Charming finally reveal the name of their newborn son. According to actress Ginnifer Goodwin, the name of Snow and Charming's son is "very significant" and says that the writer's decision to call the baby that was "an excellent move — very unexpected." Personally I assumed that the baby would be named after Neal (RIP) or another deceased Once Upon a Time character (Henry was named after Regina's deceased father... whom she murdered) so I'm excited to see what special significance this new name will have within the show.

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The two-hour finale of Once Upon a Time airs this Sunday at 8 PM on ABC.

Image: ABC