'Glee' Star Naya Rivera's Butt Selfie on Mexican Getaway Is Just Like Lea Michele's — PHOTOS

Naya Rivera is trying to distract you using her butt. In several Instagram shots posted this weekend while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Glee actress showed off her behind in a series of skimpy bikinis. And with this spontaneous photo shoot, it seems like she's taking a page out of costar Lea Michele's book of how to divert attention from negative stories.

At the beginning of 2014, Michele also went to Mexico and took a butt selfie on Instagram to show how she was beginning to heal in the wake of her boyfriend Cory Monteith's death. All of a sudden after she posted the picture, the tune of the media shifted from "Poor Lea Michele" to "You go, Lea Michele!" It was the perfect way to showcase her ability to move past things and be a free, happy person again.

After this past week Rivera has had, it's no wonder she's eager for a similar change in media treatment. A series of rumors about everything from her being fired from Glee, to being dropped from her record label floated around these past few days, and it's totally understandable that she wanted to get away from it all. She clearly jetted off to Mexico where she spent time lounging and snapping bikini pics.

Were these pictures a deliberate move to distract those outlets reporting on the (false) rumors? Possibly. Maybe Lea Michele even suggested the tactic to her since it worked so well the first time, and since there's probably no truth to that whole feud rumor between the two of them, either. Here's the one Michele posted of herself earlier this year, which looks very similar to the ones Rivera shot this weekend.

Will Rivera's efforts work as well as Michele's did? Time will tell, but at least I know that my prediction about 2014 being the year of the butt selfie has come true.

So at least one of us is happy.

Image: Instagram/nayarivera; Twitter/heyaperfection; Instagram/msleamichele