What's 'Fargo's Colin Hanks Up To These Days? (Besides Wooing Molly Solverson)

Children of actors usually have a tough time exiting their famous parent's shadow, but Fargo's Colin Hanks is proof that it's not impossible to do so. Oh, Colin Hanks, you beautiful son of Tom — thank you for being so surprisingly wonderful in everything, especially in Fargo. Just, thank you.

Now you might be thinking, "But Colin has been in a lot of stuff. He's already famous," and you would be somewhat right. But the thing is, he's not as big of a deal as Papa Hanks is. Sure, he's been in a bunch of stuff before — just look at Roswell, Band of Brothers, Orange County, Mad Men, or King Kong — but he hasn't made it huge yet. And he knows that: His Twitter bio reads, "Possibly that guy from that one thing you think is way underrated." Spot on.

But you know what? He's done pretty well considering his father is Tom freakin' Hanks. He doesn't just have a semi-famous father to be compared to; he has one of America's favorite actors as a father. Talk about high expectations. Luckily, Colin has the chops to make his legacy just as well-known as his father's.

Take a look at what Colin's been up to lately, and why his humor might just make him the Hanks to be talking about:

1. Making people laugh on Burning Love and Key and Peele.

Taking a role in both of these shows says a lot about Colin. He's brave enough to stand alongside some of the funniest actors out there — Michael Cera, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Adam Scott, Joe Lo Truglio, June Diane Raphael, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele — and come off as a natural. In Season 2 of E!'s Bachelor parody, Colin played Allison, "the classy one" who has a very girly name.

2. Appearing in Parkland.

ScreenSlam on YouTube

You know, the 2013 JFK biopic starring Zac Efron that no one saw.

3. Starring in 2014's No Stranger Than Love.

The indie romantic comedy follows a high school art teacher (Alison Brie) who starts an affair with the married high school football coach (Colin) who disappears down an inter-dimensional hole that opens up in her living room floor." Yeah, you read that right.

4. Totally owning it on Vine.

A Breaking Bad joke is always appreciated.

5. And of course, being amazing in Fargo.


Colins' character in the hilariously dark drama is basically all we could ask for and more. He plays Gus Grimly, a police deputy who internally battles with his duty as a policeman and his concern for the safety of his family. Plus, his Minnesota accent makes him sound creepily like his dad. "It's a bit strange, huh?"

Images: FX; hellyeahtomhanks/Tumblr