Adele's New Album Might Be '25,' So Here's All the Ways It Would Differ From '21'

So... our beloved queen of all the emotions, Adele Adkins, may be coming out with a new album this year. Which: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my good lord yes almighty, please. YES. We here at Bustle are not alone in our adoration of the singer. There are not enough hyperbolic exclamations or proclamations possible in the English language to properly convey the excitement felt after the singer tweeted "Bye bye 25… See you again later in the year x," alluding to the fact that her new album is likely going to be called 25.

It's a line of thought that follows Adele's pattern of titling albums based on the year of her life that she's chronicling. Like her two previous albums, 19 and 21. Given that she's known for her impeccable delivery of the most emotionally fraught moments in everyday human life, we're sure she's going to have tons to sing about now that she's a new mother. Besides — being 25 is wildly different from being 21 or 19. You pretty much have to accept the fact that you're an adult now, and the onus will always, always be on you.

So we're thrilled to unveil the totally legitimate and not-at-all completely fabricated discography* for Adele's forthcoming 25. Because there's absolutely no way these are just titles we made up based on the titles of her other songs. I mean: that would just be silly.

Set Fire to the Diapers

To Make You Feel My Exhaustion

One and Only (Night I'm Going Out This Week)

Chasing Engagements

Rolling in the Sleep

I Won't Go (If That Bar Has a Cover)

I'll Be Waiting at Home in My Pajamas with The Netflix Ready

Turning Tables into Changing Stations

Bed for Last

He Won't Go (Fix the Toilet Like A Landlord's Supposed To)

Hiding My Good Snacks

If It Hadn't Been for Über

Take It All (To Goodwill Because I Cannot Look at This Clutter Anymore)

* This is a completely made up and totally fabricated list. C'mon guys.