Your Favorite Movie Moments From The Last 100 Years Were Animated And The Result Is Too Cute — VIDEO

This video is officially the cutest thing I've seen all day, and that's really saying something because I saw a trio of pugs log rolling in my neighbor's front yard this morning. Animator/designer Pier Paolo's Cinematics is a minute-long highlight reel paying tribute to the last 100 years of moving pictures. And no, it isn't just a supercut of scenes. As Paolo explains on, " Cinematics is a timeline of classic films and characters." Thanks to the illustration and animation, it's quite possibly the most adorable trip down movie memory lane that's ever been put in my eyes.

The video begins with Charlie Chaplin twirling his cane (a cane that is later used to commit Clockwork Orange ultra violence), seamlessly transitions from one recognizable character to the next, and ends with Carl from Up floating away. A lot of precious stuff happens over the course of one minute.

Speaking of ultra violence, even Freddy and Jason's bloody battle manages to be twee. (Don't let the animation style and sweet music fool you: Paolo chose to feature some very not-cutesy movie moments. And it works well.)

I don't want to spoil any more of it for you. Watch it already! It's only a minute long! And super adorabs! What are you waiting for?

Image: Pier Paolo/Cinematics