Michelle Obama Visits 'Nashville' But Just How Many Cameos Has She Made?

Can you say camera hog much? Just kidding, I love Michelle Obama, and I love her even more for basically being on every TV show ever. I'm not joking: FLOTUS is working towards becoming the most televised First Lady in history, even beating out Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. Back in 2012, Fox News estimated that she had made 44 TV appearances, so one can only assume that that number has grown quite a bit since then. After all, she's set to appear in Wednesday's episode of ABC's Nashville where she'll hopefully sing a beautiful duet with Connie Britton. (She did high-five Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation 's Season 6 finale, so anything's possible.)

Of course, the decision to put Michelle on so many shows is probably due to politics and not her diva ego. The First Lady has been name-dropping her "Let's Move!" campaign any chance she gets, so it makes sense that she'd reach out for airtime in an effort to spread her message to the maximum amount of people. Tina Fey might call her a vegetable "pusher," but, hey, Mobama's gotta do what Mobama's gotta do. And I'm sure she doesn't mind that that means she gets to appear on some of the most popular shows on NBC and ABC. All in a days work, amiright?

Also, I not-so-secretly really want Michelle to make her next TV pitstop over at Scandal. In a perfect world, she would storm into Olivia Pope's office and admit that she's Fitz' second mistress. It might not be good for her image in the political world, but it would be totally amazing in a soap opera way. (Just mull it over, Michelle — you don't have to decide right now.)

While we wait for the glorious day that she appears on Scandal, let's take a look at some of the First Lady's best TV cameos:

1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Some people weren't a fan of her appearance in Fallon's "Ew!" sketch, but I thought it was a nice change of pace for FLOTUS. When she's on a late night show, she's usually talking about being fit and healthy, but this time she was able to have some fun with Fallon and Will Ferrell.

2. Every late night show, ever.

By The Washington Post's count, Michelle has made 15 late night appearances so far.

3. Sesame Street

Sesame Street on YouTube

You're nobody until you've been on Sesame Street.

4. 2014 Puppy Bowl

Elizabeth Closmore on YouTube

Anyone else wish that Bo and Sunny had kicked off the Puppy Bowl instead?

5. Iron Chef America

Yeah, it's pretty cool that the White House chef was on an episode of Iron Chef America.

6. iCarly


Look, kids — Michelle is hip and fun!

7. The Biggest Loser

Andrew James on YouTube

Obviously the best platform for the First Lady to push "Let's Move!" Plus, Bob is totally making her sweat.

8. And of course, her hilarious scene on Parks and Recreation.

Although, I'm pretty sure Amy Poehler's reactions are the reason it's such a great scene...

Images: NBC; Huffington Post