How To Watch 'New Girl' & 'Mindy Project' Season Finales Online & On Demand

When it comes to both New Girl's and The Mindy Project's season finales, missing an episode is not an option. Let's be honest, we all desperately want to know if Mindy and Danny will end up together in Tuesday's season finale of The Mindy Project. We here at Bustle have analyzed quotes from the series' writers and compared Danny to Mindy's other boyfriends. And I don't know about you guys, but I think this whole Nick and Jess break-up on New Girl was silly, and I would love for them to rectify the situation or at least hint as possible growth in that relationship for next season whether that relationship is friends or more. If for some insane reason you can't watch these shows tonight — like you're stuck underneath a gigantic boulder, because that's the only acceptable reason for not watching— Fox has you covered both online and on television.

Watch On Demand

If you can't invest in DVR, many cable providers offer Fox On Demand services in most of their cable packages, which allow viewers to watch episodes of their favorite shows the night after they air. You can always watch The Mindy Project and New Girl's season finales the next morning. Just click the menu button on your TV remote, scroll through the networks for Fox, then search for the shows and their newest episodes. Bonus: You should have the option of watching in standard or high definition.

Watch Online

Fox really wants you to watch their Tuesday night comedies, y'all. So along with a TV option, you can also watch the show on Fox's website via their online player. Or check it out on Hulu Plus, provided you have a membership.

Pay For It

If none of these options are viable for you, or if you really loved the episode and need to be able to watch it multiple times to properly digest it and enjoy it, you can always buy the episode on the Amazon Instant Video store and on iTunes.

OK, The Mindy Project real talk time everyone. Putting Mindy and Danny's future to the side for a moment— just for a moment I promise!— it's also important to note that there are other characters on the precipice of some really interesting storylines. For example, does no one else care that Adam Pally's Peter may finally be entering into a serious, adult relationship? Plus Betsy will be leaving Shulman & Associates. It's probably a good move but it must be addressed in tonight's finale, right? But of course, the promos for tonight focus on the two hopefully soon-to-be lovebirds and I'm all for it. Mindy and Danny forever. Also, Mindy is wearing 23 outfits tonight. That's a must-see for sure.


And let's not forget about New Girl. The gang is going on a cruise for which Jess and Nick purchased non-refundable tickets back when they were a couple. So naturally they drag everyone to come with them. There might be some sparks between the former couple or maybe Nick is still feeling hot while Jess has thrown water over the flame. And can I just point out that the most interesting couple that has ever been on New Girl, Schmidt and Cece, really should be getting some screen time? If any couple needs to get back together it's those two. Plus, Damon Wayans, Jr is now a series regular. More Coach for us all!


Source: Jordin Althaus/FOX; Tumblr/sseuregis; Tumblr/projectedblog