Bryan Cranston & Jimmy Fallon's Word Game Is Way Better Than the Regular Old Interview — VIDEO

It's a requisite of Hollywood to go on all of the late night television shows and do standard interviews when you've got a big movie or project to plug. But Jimmy Fallon, the game-changing variety show king that he is, likes to mix things up a little bit. So, here we have Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon playing a word game in lieu of the traditional interview. The resulting conversation is more fun, spontaneous, and enjoyable to watch than the average interview. Also, for all of the meth cooking Walter White did, Bryan Cranston does not know what a badonkadonk is? But more on that in a bit.

Fallon created a game called "Word Sneak," which feels like a game taken directly from the Whose Line Is It Anyway repertoire book. Fallon and Cranston each have a word that they have to sneak in during their conversation about Cranston's upcoming movie, Godzilla (HECK YEAH, MONSTER MOVIES STARRING EMMY WINNING ACTORS). The two obviously have a great time as they sneak in words like "crab legs" and "Lake Titicata" and later, "badonkadonk," which results in a very confused Bryan Cranston.

The best part of this whole conversation is that it's legitimately a conversation. It's authentic, in the moment, and pretty darn refreshing from the usual interviews we see on late night TV. Hell, I'd be all up for watching this with every celebrity who goes on television for an interview. And it seems like Fallon is making a point: if you have to plug stuff, why not make that task as fun as humanly possible? Like, with crab legs and Lake Titicata? (You'll get what I mean after you watch the video).

You can check it out below, and you should! It's pretty damn delightful.

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