Hear the Next Big Wedding Song

Wedding songs are often the sonic equivalents of wedding cakes: they're over-produced, inoffensively-flavored, predominantly white, and sweet to the point of nausea. Sara Bareilles clearly knows this, since her newest track, "I Choose You" is essentially a frosted, pre-packaged version of the stereotypical "first dance" song. In order to completely capture the wedding market, Sara has also released a video for "I Choose You," which features her either ruining or completing two couples' proposals. Sara lent her voice to the engagements of Los Angeles natives Matt and Chelsea, and Denver-dwellers Aly and Amanda. Both of the couples are cute, but Aly's spot-on tattoo sleeve-blouse combos are probably the best moment in the muted proposals. Presumably, both proposers were chosen for the video because they applied to some Sara Bareilles-as-your-proposal-serenade contest, although the video leaves out the details of the selection process. Nonetheless, both proposals feature a lot hugging and squee DIY crafts, so (spoiler alert) both proposees say "yes" at the end of the song.

But beneath the polka dots and too-detailed Post-It Note dioramas, Sara is clearly showing wedding song favorites like "I'm Yours," "You're My Best Friend," and "Ho Hey" who's the boss. For years now, similar-sounding male pop stars have dominated the first dance, so Sara's clearly trying to move in on their game, and in this reluctantly adorable video, she succeeds. So move aside, Ray Lomontagne and Train, because Sara Bareilles is about to be on every "first dance songs" Pinterest board in America.