Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Oscar Pizza Guy With Julia Roberts Because She Can't Let It Go — VIDEO

Three years from now, when they've somehow given Oscar hosting duties back to James Franco, Ellen DeGeneres will still be talking about that selfie she took at the 2014 Oscars and all the pizza they ate. She'll still be snapping selfies at the 2034 Oscars, too, hosted by Blue Ivy, but by then, the nostalgia will have kicked in and we'll all have forgotten that she hadn't stopped talking about it for 20 years. Because, seriously. Ellen can't let it go. DeGeneres surprised the Oscar pizza delivery guy with Julia Roberts on her May 7 show.

Since we all know DeGeneres can't resist any surprise or prank-related thing, she decided to use Roberts' appearance on the show as a chance to scare the now-kinda-famous Oscar pizza guy Edgar Martirosyan. Suffice it to say, he is sufficiently charmed by Roberts' unexpected appearance, as anyone would be.

But instead of doing her job by jumping out and scaring Martirosyan, Roberts kind of just benevolently taps him on the shoulder and smiles. You can sense DeGeneres' disappointment, but really it was very cute. "I was hiding in the orchids!" We also gotta say it: Martirosyan was pretty smooth sneaking that hand-kiss in there.

Look for this bit again when it airs Sunday, March 12, 2034.

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Image: NBC