Jon Hamm's Prom Photo Proves He Skipped Right Over Those Awkward Years — PHOTO

For most of us, our high school prom was an opportunity to wear a big dress, go on a nerve-wracking date with a crush/friend/friend-crush, and dance the night away to the sounds of Boyz II Men. For Jon Hamm, it turns out his senior prom was just another opportunity to be offensively handsome and rub elbows with future big name actors. The Mad Men star appeared on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new film Million Dollar Arm when the host pulled out evidence of Jon Hamm's high school prom photo.

Turns out, Hamm's date was none other than Sarah Clarke who plays Nina Meyers on 24 and Renee in the Twilight series. Raise of hands who is surprised that Hamm-bone in high school was as good looking and successful as Ham-bone of 2014? No one? That's what I thought.

According to Hamm, he and Clarke were, "just kids who went to a weird school in St. Louis, Missouri." Wherever this supposed weird school is in Missouri, it's churning out some seriously talented people... and proms that appear to be nothing like the angsty horrors that the rest of us experienced. Tell us Weird School, what's your secret?

Check out the clip and weep over all of the things your prom could have been: