With 'Scandal' & 'New Girl' Done, Here Are 9 Ways to Kill Time 'Til They're Back

Tuesday night saw the season finales of both New Girl and The Mindy Project , and we've already said "See you next fall" to Parks and Recreation, Scandal, Archer, and Once Upon A Time, so that can only mean one thing: we're entering TV desert season. Let's just be grateful Orange Is the New Black is due for a comeback on June 6, or what would we spend all of our time talking about? Politics? Our real lives? Don't make me laugh (or do, without new Archer episodes I'm going to need it).

But even with some epic OITNB Netflix bingeing to look forward to, those five months until we can catch up with Jess, Mindy, Leslie, Olivia, et al are going to be excruciating. These characters feel like our real-life friends, and not only are we dying to know what happens to them next, we're also honestly just going to miss them! It's comforting to know that you'll be able to check in with characters who feel like family at the same time every week, and that's a kind of happiness no amount of re-watching can replace.

But have no fear, because I've got some ideas for ways to keep yourself happy and busy from now until the return of your favorite shows!

Get More Sleep


Seriously, do you know how good it is for you? Mmm, sleep.

Take Up A Hobby


Photography, taxidermy, furniture reupholstery, find something that makes you happy!

Read A Book or Two! Or Eight.


If you haven't read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? yet, maybe now is the time.

Watch Every Movie


There are a lot of fantastic movies in this world. Why not try to watch all of AFI's Top 100?

Take A Class


Maybe this is the summer you finally learn to cook!

Watch A Classic TV Series


Have you ever seen The Twilight Zone? It's amazing.

Declare A Tuesday Night "Girls Night"


You were just going to be watching New Girl and Mindy together anyway, why not keep the party going?

Make A Scrapbook


A real life one, filled with all the cute stationary you always promised yourself you'd use. You can always fill it with pictures of your favorite TV characters and pretend it's a new episode when you flip through it... I guess.

Go Outside


Just kidding.

Images: ABC; giphy.com