'The Challenge's Jordan & Laurel Vs. Aneesa Battle Is Heating Up

Oh no, they didn't. On last Thursday's episode of The Challenge: Free Agents , Jordan and Laurel, a.k.a. the showmantic couple that everyone loves to hate, made a big mistake. Huge. They pissed off fellow contestant Aneesa and she is not getting over it any time soon.

Jordan and Laurel were gunning for Aneesa to go home, covertly asking their fellow winning teammates to vote for her to compete in the elimination round. Of course, word got back to Aneesa — as these things always do — and she was understandably angry. But Aneesa has always had issues with Jordan and Laurel. She wasn't a fan of their egotism or having to hear them have sex at night (ew). And when Laurel not-so-secretly asked Swift to vote for Aneesa, she and Jordan basically made sure that Aneesa would be coming for them for the remainder of the season, especially since Aneesa escaped competing in the elimination challenge at all last week. Good job, guys.

In the four episodes that have aired, Jordan and Laurel have been on the winning team two and three times, respectively, so clearly, they've got what it takes to make it to the end. Still, if there's one contestant you want on your side, it's Aneesa.

That's because Aneesa is a veteran of The Challenge, having appeared in nine seasons, which is more than most of her castmates. Because she's gone through the process so many times, Aneesa knows how to play the physical, emotional, and mental game better than anyone else. There's pretty much nothing she hasn't seen or dealt with, and that can be extremely empowering in the competition.

Not only does she bring a wealth of experience to this season of The Challenge, but she's also a downright fierce competitor. Aneesa is known as the "Elimination Queen" in these parts, tying with her Free Agents cast mate Cara Maria for the most elimination challenge wins for a female contestant at eight. She just missed being in the finals of the last Challenge, Rivals II and earned third place on the 17th season of The Challenge, The Duel II. We think it's safe to say Aneesa is out for blood this season, and being in her way is the exact opposite of the place you want to be, Jordan and Laurel.

All in all, Aneesa is one tough chick (remember her epic fight with Trishelle on Rivals II ?) who has a mind of her own and isn't going to be hoodwinked into becoming one of Jordan and Laurel's minions like some of the other housemates. Jordan and Laurel failed at getting rid of Aneesa last week, so maybe it's time for them to reconfigure their strategy. If you can't beat Aneesa, the thing to do is to join her.

Image: MTV; mtvchallenges/Tumblr; tvismylife/Tumblr