Who Is Katy Perry Dating? The "Dark Horse" Singer Certainly Has Plenty of Material For a Love Song

This former Christian music artist sings about being a tough cookie looking for love in "Dark Horse," but who is the guy Katy Perry's been dating lately? Though Perry was formerly married to Russell Brand, the singer has been spotted out with several guys post-breakup. Here's a rundown of Perry's love life — and the latest info on the new guy that she has been allegedly seeing.

Perry has been spotted out with several eligible bachelors post-split with Russell Brand. Perry dated French model Baptiste Giabiconi after her breakup with her husband, but allegedly broke things off after learning that he had a "fame-seeking" agenda behind dating her. Later on Perry became involved romantically with another musician — Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, of whom the singer was spotted kissing at Coachella in 2012. Unfortunately for Ackroyd, Perry wasn't looking to get serious. She told USA Today that her relationship with Ackroyd isn't "appropriate to label," stating:

There are times I go out and meet people and flirt, but it's not really appropriate to have anything serious... For me, right now, I'm totally not looking. I'm just looking to heal. And I'm on that path.

It's unclear if Ackroyd felt the same about keeping things as casual as Perry did. The two eventually stopped seeing one another, and Perry found someone that she could get serious with in John Mayer, alleged and notorious womanizer. The two began dating in August of 2012 and seemed to get quite serious quite quickly... so serious that the two even recorded a duet together, "Who Do You Love," which is disgustingly lovey-dovey. However, despite all of the love songs and canoodling, Perry and Mayer officially ended things in March of 2014.

So who is Perry currently seeing? According to reports the "Dark Horse" singer is with another musician — or, rather, a DJ. Perry is allegedly dating DJ Diplo (real name: Wesley Pentz). The two allegedly bonded at — where else? — Coachella and have been seeing one another ever since. Diplo formerly dated singer M.I.A. but now is focused on Perry.

No word yet on whether Diplo and Perry are looking to get serious, which is fine. This slime-green-haired beauty doesn't exactly need a guy. (Umm, have you even seen the documentary Part of Me? Trust me, girl can more than handle things solo.) But if these two do end up getting serious, please, KP, no more lame music duets. The world cannot deal with another "Who Do You Love?"

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