Australian TV Host's Nail Gun Incident Proves Some People Shouldn't Play with Power Tools — VIDEO

In Australia, morning television hosts like to do things that United States morning television hosts like to do. They like to show people how to fix their homes! They like to be helpful! They like to use power tools! But unfortunately for Sarah Harris, an Australian morning television host who almost shot herself in the face with a nail gun, they don't always know exactly how to use them.

Fear not, Harris is okay — and nope, no one was harmed in this power tool near-misfire, but we now have the opportunity to watch this lady almost haev a run-in with a nail to her a face.

The Studio 10 host was doing a segment in which she helped out an audience member with nail guns. Oh, nail guns, those pesky power tools. She picked up the tool with her finger on the trigger and aimed it the wrong way — like, as wrong as one could possibly get with a power tool — at her face. Obviously, the entire studio audience was pretty stricken with panic, because, you know, there's nothing like saying, "hey, Mom! Went to see a morning show. Expected muffins, but I saw lady shoot herself in the face with the nail gun!"

But fear not, Internet; all is okay. You can watch this transpire below. And be careful with those nail guns, folks.

Image: Studio10 Video