Rebel Wilson To Star In ‘Private Benjamin’ Reboot & This Time It’s A Female-Led Buddy Comedy

We know that Rebel Wilson is hard at work on Pitch Perfect 2, but bringing back Fat Amy isn't the only exciting role she has lined up. Rebel Wilson will star in a Private Benjamin reboot in a role similar to the one Goldie Hawn played in the 1980 comedy. In the original version, Hawn played a woman who joins the army after her husband dies during sex (yikes!) on their wedding night, but ends up shocked when it isn't as easy as she expected. According to The Wrap, the new "Private Benjamin will follow a redneck (Wilson) and a rich city girl who get more than they bargained for when they enlist in the Marines to escape their present situations."

Private Benjamin might not sound like the best concept, but the original was very successful. It was named one of the American Film Institute's 100 Funniest Movies, earned Academy Award nominations for Best Actress (Hawn), Best Supporting Actress (Eileen Brennan), and Best Original Screenplay, and spawned a spin-off TV show.

The role needs someone who can pull of being confidently naive — this is a lady who thinks the army will be easy and is something she can just quit whenever, after all — so it's the perfect fit for Wilson. Her character in Bridesmaids comes to mind, who thinks it is totally okay that she has a giant, infected worm tattoo on her back.

Private Benjamin is in the very early stages, so Wilson's "rich city girl" costar is yet to be announced. But for now, just know that there's female led buddy comedy coming your way in the not so distant future.