Chris Brown Sentenced to 1 Year In Jail but He May Get Off With Just a Week Behind Bars

Eesh, what a way to close out your birthday week: Friday afternoon, Chris Brown admitted he violated his probation, and the singer has been sentenced to serve an additional 131 days in jail. Back in Oct. 2013, Brown was accused of hitting a man outside of a Washington D.C. hotel. During Friday's probation violation hearing, he fessed up to this. Brown now faces a misdemeanor assault charge.

What does that mean for the R&B singer? More jail time. Brown was sentenced to serve 365 days in custody, but Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin gave him credit for the 116 days he already spent in rehab and the 59 days in jail.

According to TMZ, he gets two days credit for every one day he's already served in jail. So! 116 + 59 x 2 = 234. 365 minus 234 = 131 days to serve. Will he serve the 131 days? That's to be determined.

An interesting note: According to TMZ, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department releases inmates sentenced to one year after 240 days. Brown has served 234 days (see the math above), which is six days less than 240.

So according to this tidbit, he could spend less than a week in jail.