Ann Curry Was Saved By a Boy Scout Troop, So What Happened?

If you're ever in trouble at Harriman State Park, which is located in New York and borders Rockland and Orange counties, Ann Curry hopes you encounter the troop of Boy Scouts that rescued her last month. Curry had decided to go on an unsuspecting hike in the cool Spring weather when she had accidentally broken her ankle. At the time, she wasn't sure if it was truly broken or not, but what she did know was that she was in a lot of pain. The famed news anchor had taken up shop on the dirt floor, unsure of what her next move would be, when Boy Scout Troop 368 of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey spotted her and offered her some much needed help.

A scouter of the troop, Rick Jurgens, explained that Curry had originally tried to soldier on, telling them to go ahead without her. But, true to their oath, the troop refused to let her suffer on her own when they knew they could be of assistance. Members of the scout group ended up splinting her fractured ankle and quite literally saved her day. The boy scout troupe's blog had posted about the incident and we can't say we blame them. It isn't everyday you come to the aid of a helpless television journalist. Curry has expressed her deepest gratitude to the boys in a letter about her experience, revealing that while they may not have thought anything of it, she know they went, "above the call of duty." She has been tweeting about the ordeal as well, crediting her "rescuers," and re-tweeting their blog post.