Who's On 'The Maya Rudolph Show'? Only Your Favorite People Ever

It's no secret we're super fans of one Ms. Maya Rudolph. We loved her on Saturday Night Live. We waited with bated breath until she joined Twitter. The professional funny lady can do no wrong, (I'll even stick up for her performance on the ill-fated NBC sitcom Up All Night co-starring Christina Applegate and BFF Amy Poehler's ex-beau Will Arnett). That's why we can't wait until her new variety spectacular The Maya Rudolph Show lights up our lives via NBC. Even the promos are giving us goosebumps. It harkens back to days of old a la Sonny & Cher and the golden era of American variety shows. There's a little singing, a little dancing, loads of glitzy ball gowns and set pieces, men in tuxedos, and we're guessing more than a little zany sketch comedy. We're most excited for the crop of famous funny friends she'll bring with her. Here we countdown our favorite The Maya Rudolph Show guest stars, and how good we think they'll pair with Rudolph as she embarks on this one-night only television event. (Though if the TV gods are listening we hope it'll be a regular thing. I mean if they gave Jessica Simpson a shot, they should let the multi-talented Rudolph do the same.)

1. Andy Samberg


Compatibility rating: Cheese-tastic, (in a good way). Samberg's our favorite ham, and he doesn't disappoint in this short preview clip from the show. His cheese will be a great companion to Rudolph's class, and bring just the sort of smarmy delivery a good variety show sketch calls for.

2. Fred Armisen

Compatibility rating: Purple Rain-iffic. Will they reprise their SNL roles as Beyonce and Prince? Or cook up some brand new musical comedy greatness?

3. Chris Parnell

30rockultimatefan on YouTube

Compatibility Rating: Just What The Doctor Ordered. He wowed us on SNL and 30 Rock, so we know Parnell's got the goods to match Rudolph's chops.

4. Sean Hayes

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Compatibility Rating: Unstoppable. As their appearance on Ellen revealed, the two former Up All NIght co-stars have the most charming chemistry. And we all know, whatever happens on Ellen's couch is bonding.

We're sure that's only the tip of the celebrity friends iceberg, and that in true variety tradition a lot more surprise guests will end up "stopping by." And if there's one funny lady who can handle the pace, it's none other than Rudolph.

Image: NBC