One Direction's 'This Is Us' Sequel Isn't In Development, So Here's What To Do While You Wait

The concept of concert movies still strikes me as strange. It blends the line between actor and singer even more completely than any Disney or Nickelodeon star with an automatic recording contract. One Direction: This Is Us was more of a documentary than a movie, but, considering it had One Direction's names and faces plastered all over it, it didn't take long for their fans to clamor for more. However, despite reports to the contrary, the sequel to This Is Us isn't filming right now, probably because the boys are busy taking South America and brainstorming ways to stop their fans from crushing one another to death.

One Direction might have a fandom largely made up of preteen girls with bedtimes, but they're also one of the biggest musical acts in the world right now. Their popularity among the younger set rival Justin Bieber's, if not occasionally surpasses his. The only uncertainty about the sequel is when it will happen. 1D made a sequel to their perfume line, for Pete's sake. The number of movie tickets people can afford far outweigh the number of perfume bottles they can buy. It's just good business management.

Besides, Simon Cowell confirmed that they were interested in doing another movie and, as any American Idol hopeful can tell you, Simon Cowell's word is basically law. Until there's more news on One Direction: This Is Us Again (or whatever they decide to call it), fans needing their behind-the-scenes fix can still get them in other ways.

1. Watch This Is Us Again

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

There are clips and scenes from the documentary available on YouTube if you don't want to spring for the DVD or don't want to be recognized in line with the DVD in your hand. In my professional opinion, having never seen the movie, the best part of it has got to he Harry Styles' hair progression from one scene to the next.

2. YouTube Every Interview

Ieva Littlee on YouTube

Most if not all of the band's best interviews can also be found on YouTube, as well as collections of their funniest moments, most perverted moments, and best interview duos. Any time Harry Styles and Niall Horan team up, it's guaranteed comedy gold, but all of the boys have great senses of humor that they like to show off.

3. Follow Them on Twitter and Instagram

All five of the boys are on Twitter and they make frequent use of the site. Sometimes their tweets are cryptic, sometimes they're random, sometimes they're incomprehensible, and sometimes they're just plain funny. Think of it as reading an official One Direction book with infrequent pictures and lots of spelling errors.