Michael Fassbender Could star In Derek Cianfrance's New Movie, And We Can't Wait To Buy Tickets

Dream team alert: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Fassbender is in talks to star in The Light Between Oceans, Derek Cianfrance's upcoming drama. I know, right? Sign me UP. Please and thank you. The Place Beyond the Pines director and the Oscar-nominated actor would be an out of sight pair. Cianfrance makes very raw, intense, and honest movies. Fassbender is a very raw, intense, and honest actor. Both are absolutely terrific artists. On paper, the combo WORKS. I'd be beyond excited to watch whatever magic those two made together.

The Light Between Oceans is a post-WWI period piece based on M.L. Stedman's best-selling novel of the same name. Set on an isolated island off the coast of Australia, the story follows a lighthouse keeper and his wife. The drama is set in motion when a boat carrying an infant and a dead man washes ashore. The couple decides to raise the mystery baby as their own, and all three of them live happily ever after without incident. The end!

Oh, wait. Forgive me. That's not what happens: The tale "turns tragic, as morality and love are tested."

Ah yes, that sounds more like it. It wouldn't be a Cianfrance movie without gut-wrenching tragedy.