'Idol' Finale: Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson Should Be The Top 2 — Sorry, Alex Preston

It's getting down to the wire on American Idol as we wait for the final two contestants to be chosen. As always, the choice will be the voters' responsibility, so I'm here to lobby you: We need Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson in the Idol finale. Sorry, Alex Preston fans.

Sure, this seems kind of obvious. Caleb and Jena have the most dominant personalities. When they take the stage, they really take the stage. When they take the stage together, there are absolute fireworks shooting out of our televisions. And yeah, we were recently disappointed in Caleb for using a terrible word to describe hecklers on Twitter, it's clear that he's very much a young kid who hasn't been taught not to speak that way — and after the backlash he got, he's surely learned his lesson.

So, heading into this thirteenth season finale of American Idol after what's been largely a parade of sweet, yet largely boring contestants (Jessica, Sam, and Alex — oh my!), don't we deserve a finale that can bring the house down? Every time Caleb takes the stage, the sleepy (and far too long) episode gets a wake-up call. Then Jena comes along and makes us weep happy tears with her absolutely haunting take on just about everything she touches. The choice is clear. Do the right thing, voters. But if that's not reason enough, there's more:

We Need a Young Woman To Make It To The Finals

Idol is notorious for crowning men as the winners, with only one woman — 2013's winner Candice Glover — taking the title since 2008 when David Cook won the show. Last year finally changed things up a bit, but we can't let the competition become a boys club once more. We need Jena in that finale, and what's more: She absolutely deserves it.

We Need Another Jena & Caleb Duet


This was EPIC. Need I say more?

We Need At Least One More Week Of 'Shipping

Once we learned that Caleb and Jena were going to prom together, we were hooked. These two say they are besties, act like besties, and go to prom like besties. Come on, there's got to be more to this, right? Besides, there was definitely some chemistry during their duet. They're not exactly Maks and Meryl, but are we so wrong to ask the big question?

We Need An Epic Finale

And while Alex is great, he doesn't exactly inspire excitement and borderline hysteria (or whatever Keith Urban is feeling up there). And let's be honest: That's all we want in an Idol finale. Well, that and a few choice Ryan Seacrest awkward moments.

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