M. I. A.'s Remix of Beyonce's "Flawless" Is Just What You Need Right Now — LISTEN

So, Beyoncé has had quite a week, but now, a pretty provocative and powerful lady in the music business has paid a tribute to her with a remix of one of her songs. M.I.A. has released a remix of Beyoncé's "Flawless," which she calls "Baddygirl 2." The remix for sure is not "Flawless," but it is definitely worth a listen. And yes, I danced while listening to it. Fortunately for me, I was alone.

M.I.A., however, has yet to get Queen B's seal of approval, as she tweeted, "Beyonce camp has not replied for months > SO HERE >," followed by a link to her Soundcloud page and the remix. Still, it's all well meant, as she says the remix is:

[...]For the women and of course Be-yon-cé.

Hell yes, it is. And hey, considering Queen B's not-too-great week with practically everyone with a camera, Instagram account, or pulse documenting every move she has made since her sister's volatility came to surface via that elevator attack on Jay Z, this is kind of... a gift for her. It's putting the focus back on the music. Even if the remix is pretty liberal with how it interprets its source material, it's still a tribute to an original song to do a remix. It's as though it's incidentally sending a message that says something like, "chin up, Queen B, instead of focusing on the fact that you went to a basketball game and are doing a-okay, I'm gonna focus on your song, which I remixed."

And besides, M.I.A. is and always has been a BAMF.

Take a listen here: