Morrissey Is On Twitter Now, So Prepare Yourselves For Some Amazing Rants

Attention all tweet-slingers, serial-favoriters, and retweet queens: Twitterstorm Morrissey has arrived. Although Morrissey's verified Twitter says that he joined in 2009, he tweeted his first tweet Wednesday afternoon. The ex-Smiths frontman has long made headlines for his political beliefs and generally loud demeanor, and today he takes all of his baggage to the Twittersphere. Batten the tweet-hatches, because this could be fun.

Thus far, Morrissey has only followed Harvest Records, his label as of January this year. This makes us wonder if he follow the great tradition Kanye started, whereby an artist follows only one person at a time for the duration of their Twitter life. But if he takes on extra followers, we could see Morrissey going one of two distinct routes with his follow-power: signal boosting or obsessive monitoring. Morrissey's outspoken activism is as well-known as his music, so it's possible that he would follow a number of animal-rights groups on Twitter to show his support. It's also no secret that Morrissey is not fond of the English royals, so it would be completely rational for him to follow the royal family on Twitter in order to better criticize and insult them.

Regardless of Morrissey's following habits, we still have to wonder what kinds of crazy and/or wise things he will send to our feeds each day. If his tweet-stream at all reflects his real-life stream of thought, his tweets will be memorable. We are talking about the man who coined "if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong," and "Life would be so colourful if only I had a drink problem.” Most of his famously quippy quotes would make perfect tweets, but we wonder how long Morrissey will be able to keep up the aphorisms. He's been known to walk out on concerts, and it's possible that he could tire of the hashtag activism and leave it for greener e-pastures. We'll have to see what zany things Morrissey comes up with in the meantime.

Image: Morrissey/Twitter