'Chozen' & 'Legit' Canceled By FX & FXX: Ironically Not Legit or Chosen for New Second Season

The TV afterlife has been pretty busy these past few weeks. It always is this time of year, but with cancelations this season ranging from Dads (missed by no one), to Trophy Wife (may she rest in peace), to Community and Enlisted (don't look at me), the execution sword this year has been sharp and double-edged. Joining these comedies in the TV afterlife now are FX and FXX's Legit and Chozen , both bearing names that make their fate all the more ironic.

Legit was in its second season on FXX, while Chozen was in its first on FX. Alas, they will go no further. Legit was created by Peter O'Fallon and Jim Jefferies and starred Jefferies as himself, alongside Dan Bakkedahl and DJ Qualls. It was a big hit with the disabled community, but never really found mainstream numbers to back it up.

Chozen, cut down younger than Legit, is/was an animated comedy series following a white gay gangsta rapper voiced by Bobby Moynihan. The character was trying to rebuild his life after being released from prison, and was the lovechild of producers of beloved comedies Archer and Eastbound & Down.

The waiting room to get into the TV afterlife may be crowded this month, but hey — at least there'll be no dearth of jokes.

Image: FXX