Does Prince Harry Hate 'I Wanna Marry Harry'? 13 Thoughts That (Probably) Went Through His Head

When Fox's reality show I Wanna Marry Harry debuted its premise of March, some people probably wondered if it was an early April Fool's joke. The concept of a dozen women competing for the chance marry Prince Harry is bizarre on its own — once you throw in that they're in fact unwittingly vying for the most likely much more attainable affections of a Prince Harry look-alike, it becomes downright laughable, in a sad, depressing way. And that's before we even start to think about how the Real Prince Harry must have reacted to the series.

We were weirded out when VH1's naked dating show was announced, but I Wanna Marry Harry really takes the cake. We can't begin to fathom the lengths Fox had to go through to convince not one, but 12 women — one of whom is a pre-med student studying cell and molecular biology with an interest in ophthalmology — that this guy who doesn't even look exactly like Harry is the Prince of Wales.

It's possible they thought the same thing most people do now: What kind of person thinks up a show based solely on cruelly tricking a bunch of unsuspecting women? It might not even have crossed their minds, because it's so crazy.

Honestly, though, I'm still having trouble believing that whole aspect of the show. Though these Marry Harry contestants were apparently never specifically told the man whose affections they were competing for was Prince Harry, upon learning the truth why would they agree to let footage of themselves being duped air on national television? Based on the cringeworthy promo alone it seems like this show is going to be humiliating for them.

We like to think Prince Harry himself feels the same way — that this show is bonkers — so we've taken the liberty to put together a collection of thoughts Britain's favorite ginger most likely had upon learning about the show.

Wait, what? They're doing what? That can't be right. A right quick search should clear all this up.

It's really happening. This is weird.

Wait. This is actually kind of mean.

Are Americans really that stupid? How can these women not realize this guy isn't me?

All right, let me see a picture of this prat. I bet he doesn't even look like — oh. Damn.

Damn, this guy looks a lot like me. But come on, ladies. No contest, right?

I wonder if this guy does family events...

Where's my butler? I need someone to write down all the pranks this guy and I could pull off.

I never have to worry about being in two places at once again. My Fred Flintstone days are finally over!

No, get back on track. This show is still mean. So mean.

But wait... some of these women are really quite attractive.

One is basically a scientist... Mum would like that, right?

Bugger. I miss Cressida.

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