Tina Fey Wants More Women in Late Night But Is Worried About Their Old Lady Arms — VIDEO

It's not a stretch, by any means, to say this woman is one of the reigning heroes of female comedy writers, so we must take heed when she spouts out words of wisdom regarding the entertainment business. Especially when it relates to women. Well, Tina Fey has theories on women and late night television, and she offered up some of her knowledge and advice on Wednesday's edition of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Now, obviously we've discussed at length how there aren't enough women involved in these "late night wars," even though when Letterman announced he'd be leaving The Late Show, we easily listed a handful of women who could replace him. There are clearly so many talented hosts out there, but none of them has secured a late night gig on a basic cable channel. But WHY, networks, WHY!?!? Enter Tina Fey, Comic Genius, with a possible answer.

Fey's theory on the lack of women in late night has to do with what women are wearing... and she offers some fashion advice. Essentially, it boils down the fact that women should wear jackets if they want to be considered for a shot at a late night gig. Trust me, it will all make sense when you watch, and as an added bonus, you'll also feel good about that blazer you keep in the back of your closet that your mother told you was "very smart looking."

Thanks for keeping it real, Tina. Check out the clip below:

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube