Awesome Rumor About Amy Poehler's In-Flight Habits Will Make You Love Her Even More

The best way to test just how much fans love a specific celebrity is to see what the gossip surrounding them is like. It's no secret that plenty of people love Amy Poehler, especially women, thanks to her feminist actions in real life and as Parks and Rec 's Leslie Knope. Poehler easily passes the gossip test as well. Can you think of any other celebrity who got divorced without any tabloid drama? Currently, a rumor is swirling about Poehler that only makes her more of a feminist icon. According to some reports, Poehler gave a new mom her first class seat on a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York. And no, that new mom was not Ann Perkins.

Rather than the usual unconfirmed stories you hear about celebrities getting drunk at a club or fighting with their partners, Poehler's rumors involve her being a genuinely nice person. The report claims that a woman got onto Poehler's flight while struggling with a baby and her luggage, so Poehler insisted that she take her own first class seat. After finally convincing the woman to take the seat, Poehler sat in coach, probably fulfilling the dreams of everyone else on the plane.

If the story is true, it just proves that Poehler is as good of a person as we all had always hoped. If not, it proves that people love her so much, they make up stories about how awesome she is.