Lana Del Rey's 'Ultraviolence' Gets June Release Date & Awesome Old School Cover Pic — PHOTO

If you were heavily anticipating when you'd get to hear the entire new album featuring this singer's sultry contralto vocals, we've got a date for you! Lana Del Rey has announced the release date for Ultraviolence, and the record is slated to drop on June 17. What can you expect on this album? Probably hazy, sultry, sad vocals with accompanying music videos featuring Del Rey tropes like fire and American flags. You know, the usual.

The album is definitely something to look forward to — we've already dissected its intriguing track list, including titles like "Sad Girl," "Cruel World," and my personal favorite title — "Fucked My Way Up To The Top," which I hope becomes the song of the summer. We've also been watching the video for "West Coast" for the past couple of weeks, and considering it features the singer on fire (which is just so Lana Del Rey, by the way) we know there's ample stuff to look forward to on this album. Like stuff on fire.

She also posted the cover artwork for the album, and it's a total throwback to old school hip hop artists. This girl, contemporary as she is, has an old school soul. Take a look: