Harrison Ford in 'Blade Runner'? His Career Is On The Fast Track To Being One Big #TBT

When you hear the name "Harrison Ford," you pretty much know what to expect. I mean, sure, you might think "married to Calista Flockhart" or "dear God, that earring," maybe even "quality performance in The Fugitive," but my guess is, nine times out of 10, a few iconic characters leap first to mind instead: Han Solo, Indiana Jones — names that are essentially synonymous with the actor's at this point, especially because he's been asked to reprise both in just the past few years. With 2008's Indiana Jones and the Massively Disappointing Alien Subplot — excuse me, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — and his reappearance as Han in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII , Ford's spent a decent amount of his latter days in the realm of the sequel, 20-plus year gaps be damned. And now, it looks as though he'll have the chance to bring yet another iconic character back to slightly grayer life: Producers at Alcon Entertainment have announced that they want Harrison Ford to be in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner sequel, meaning Rick Deckard may well rise again.

Of course, Ford hasn't yet okayed the casting. Alcon's Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson simply made their official offer public this morning, thus 1) creating the ultimate #TBT, and 2) attempting to generate buzz — to corner the actor through rabid fan enthusiasm, if nothing else. Still, setting aside whether Ford does ultimately decide to go back to his Replicant-hunting ways — or, indeed, whether we even want a sequel to this legendary sci-fi epic — there's something to be said for an actor who can carry not one but three decades-lapsed sequels, this one a whopping 32 years after the original was released.

Because you've got to wonder, how does Ford feel in all of this throwbackery? I mean, sure, on the one hand it must be flattering that he's apparently irreplaceable, his performances considered so singularly character-making as to require his reappearance — unlike, say, the revolving door of a role that is Batman (or his most recent girlfriend, Katie-Maggie Holmes-Gyllenhaal). Still, it must also sting to be reminded constantly that your best work is apparently behind you, increasingly bitter about being asked to reenact the same few popular roles, like a one hit wonder band reluctantly tacking their chart-topper onto the end of a set. Would Ford be extra grateful to fans asking him to autograph their Firewall posters? Does his heart sing for the stray Paranoia reference?

And yet, it seems this may just be Ford's lot — if only because, when rumors surfaced that the next Indiana Jones movie might cast Tom Selleck in Ford's place, I flipped the hell out. Indeed, the only thing worse than George Lucas making yet another Indiana Jones movie is the thought that Ford might not be in it. I swear, if Selleck even so much as mouths "It belongs in a museum," I will lose it.

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So, no mater what our feelings about this Blade Runner sequel (believe me, mine are "middling to nervous" at best), I say we get behind this public casting call. Because, like it or not, no one can Harrison Ford quite like Harrison Ford. Period.

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