Surprise, She's Showing Off More Skin

I know people have mixed feelings about Kendall, but I am so pro the second-youngest Jenner. I have plenty of friends who are completely scandalized by her bikini-filled Instagram feed, but you know what? I just think she's hustling like she needs to to get to the top of her desired field of work: modeling.

Late Thursday night, Jenner posted another of her ubiquitous selfies, this time giving her IG followers a lil peek at her assets. Casually lounging as she texted away at a Cannes party in a sleek, cutout LBD (different from the equally chic black gown she wore on the red carpet the first day of the festival), she captioned the expertly filtered pic, "a little side boob never hurt nobody (painting nails emoji)."

And honestly, I think Jenner's on point. This isn't really a big deal, right? I mean I'm talking about the girl who gave the whole world a peek at her nipples basically the instant she turned 18. And, it's true, no one has ever died from side boob overload [citation needed]. Honestly, I'm more concerned about her choice of emoji — you can barely even see her manicure! Why wouldn't she have chosen the always-appropriate-if-a-bit-overused sassy girl in pink with her hand out? C'mon, Jenner. I expected better of you.

Images: Instagram/@kendalljenner