'Southern Charm' Season 2 T-Shirts Are Almost as Awesome as Kathryn's Eyelashes

Reality TV real talk time: We still don't know what's up with Southern Charm. Yes, the first season only just ended, but I am an impatient person. I want the answer. And I want that answer to be "SEASON 2 IS A GO." I am not the only fan who feels this way: The Southern Charm Fans Facebook page reached out to FITSNews about their Southern Charm Season 2 campaign. This group of Southern Charm devotees designed a t-shirt with the intent to raise SC awareness/nab Bravo's attention. They are selling said t-shirt. YES. Way to take the initiative. I bow my head in reverence.

What have I done? Watched every episode of the show. Written a few things about the show. Texted my friends about the show. But I have not made a t-shirt or started a grassroots campaign. My efforts pale in comparison.

An excerpt from the TeeSpring page:

While we could passively await Bravo's decision, we need to be proactive & launched a grassroot's tee campaign so fans may come together w/ 1 voice, 1 message for Andy Cohen & Bravo that rising season 1 ratings were no fluke and show's fans want AND deserve season 2.

Thus, we designed this tee so Andy & Bravo can read AND see REAL fan sentiment + loyalty!

G'bless. I hereby declare that the Number One Southern Charm Fan throne belongs to the Southern Charm Fans Facebook page. It would take tattooing "SOUTHERN CHARM 4EVER" across your forehead to usurp the throne. I love the show, but I am not going to do that.

Their goal is to sell 20 Southern Charm t-shirts. Let's take a peek at the little beauties:

Not too loud, but makes a statement. People who aren't in "the know" may feel compelled to ask the wearer what the shirt means. It'll start a dialogue. BRILLIANT.

Here are their instructions, the current sale tally, and the countdown timer:

Zero? Uh, no. No no no no. This will not stand. Hey, SC fans? LET'S GET THIS BALL ROLLING. What time is it?


Images: Bravo; Southern-Charm/TeeSpring (2); claireyg/tumblr