Why Aren't Miley Cyrus And Katy Perry At The Billboard Music Awards?

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry confirmed they'd be attending the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. So, uh, where are they? The two have been nominated for awards in the Top Artist, Top Hot 100 Song, Top Female Artist, and Top Digital Song Artist categories, among others, so why aren't they here? Some may consider the Billboards to be one of the "lesser" music award shows, so it's possible that Katy and Miley just didn't feel like going, but these two are usually award show fixtures and aren't generally known for missing an opportunity to squeeze in a vaguely controversial performance or two.

Katy Perry was scheduled to perform alongside Lorde, Robin Thicke, and a HOLOGRAM OF MICHAEL JACKSON, which doesn't strike me as an opportunity the average person would simply opt out of. Katy Perry isn't a regular, average person, so maybe a seemingly resurrected Michael Jackson just isn't that cool. It's possible that she's still avoiding Miley, who tried to slip her the ol' Cyrus tongue during a stop on the Bangerz tour, and is still upset that Miley burned her with a joke about Katy's ex-boo John Mayer's own well-traveled tongue. Or maybe Katy and Miley are both actively avoiding Robin Thicke, which is probably a smart move for, well, anyone. It's also possible that the Katy and Miley are friends again and conspired to stage a premeditated ditch of the Billboards together and are out Thelma and Louise-ing it up somewhere in Las Vegas. Could happen. (Of course, it's really that both Perry and Cyrus are on tour, but that's not fun for the imagination, is it?)

Either way, Perry did show up... sort of. Perry performed from afar while on her tour, dedicating "Birthday" to a young fan celebrating a birthday with a performance chock full of cakes, color, and a sequel to Up. So at least we had that to celebrate, even if we had to cope with a Perry- and Cyrus-less Billboards?

Image: www.gifbay.com