Kraft Issues Massive Cottage Cheese Recall, So Make Sure Yours Is In The Clear

Heads up, cottage cheese fans: Thanks to an oversight at a Californian manufacturing facility, Kraft Foods is issuing a massive recall of cottage cheese. It seems that certain ingredients used to make the cheese weren’t “stored in accordance with proper temperature standards” at a facility in Tulare, raising the possibility that some cases could be contaminated. As a result, Kraft is voluntarily recalling 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese, it announced Sunday.

In case you’re wondering, the affected brands are:

Knudsen Cottage Cheese

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese

Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese

Daily Chef Cottage Cheese

Kraft says it’s unlikely that any of the cottage cheese is actually affected, but that there’s a chance some of the cheese could communicate food-borne illnesses, or expire sooner than the date indicated on the package. If you bought any of those products, and they have a coded date between May 9th and July 23rd, return them and you’ll get a full refund.

This is the second recall Kraft has issued in less than a month. In April, a labeling mix-up led the company to pull 96,000 pounds of Oscar Meyer Classic Wieners from shelves across the country. In that case, the packaging omitted the fact that some of the hot dogs might have actually been cheese dogs, and thus contained milk.