John Legend Continues to Get Twitter Pregnant With "All Of Me" at the Billboard Music Awards — VIDEO

John Legend sure does have a knack for getting Twitter pregnant when it comes to his live-televised performances. It happened at the Grammys and it has happened again during Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. The "All of Me" crooner was introduced by his wife Chrissy Teigen and took to the grand piano accompanied by an orchestra like the old-school romantic he is. After leading in with the Wedding-Song-of-The-Decade ballad, he finished his set with a performance of "You & I."

Other than the dozens and dozens of fans tweeting about their post-John-Legend-performance pregnancies, the most intimate and uncomfortable moments were the ultra-close close-ups of Teigen and the random couple sitting on a couch behind Legend on the stage. Seriously Billboard, what was up with that? We could totally tell that Teigen was all, "I have to look like I'm about to cry, even though I have heard this song a million times." Shoot, even John Legend's wife is like, "I get it already!" with this song.

Although "All of Me" has been all over the airwaves (and re-mixed, no less), it still has enough of that signature palpable John Legend sex-appeal to get his fans all hot and bothered. And digitally pregnant... whatever that means. Internet!


Here's the evidence of Legend's powerful vocals: