Four Ways The Elephant On The Florida Beach Could've Gotten There (And How it Actually Did)

An explosive selfie hit the Internet on Saturday when an elephant showed up on a Florida beach for a woman's 60th birthday party. An elephant on a Florida beach? Obviously, the guy pictured couldn't fight the need to snap a shot of him with the out-of-place paenungulate. He took the initiative, grabbed an #elephantselfie, and the rest is history.

Now, we know why this elephant was frolicking in the waves of the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend: Because the beach is awesome and there's nothing like the feeling of sand on one's hooves and the waves on one's trunk, nor anything quite akin to hearing the wind whisper through the palm trees in one's gigantic, floppy gray ears.

But that still doesn't explain how the elephant managed to make it to the beach in the first place. We're here to shed some light on this mystery: Turns out the woman celebrating her birthday opted for some rather unusual entertainment. Live large, lady. You're only 60 once! And don't worry, citizens of North Redington Beach, Fla. — the elephant had the approval of the city.

Since that explanation is pretty boring and, well, every Monday could use a little more excitement, we came up with a host of other reasons why the big ol' mammal might've turned up on the beach that day. We think these are much better.

1. Lost

We are not sure whether this elephant is an African or Asian elephant, but either way, one of the world's biggest land mammals was far from home. Maybe he just took a wrong turn at the savannah?

2. Heard a Who

When an elephant's on a mission, nothing can get in their way.

3. Just Really Needed a Vacation Already

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Maybe the elephant just wanted to get out of the office for one effing day.

4. Left Everything Behind to Seek a New Life in the Outskirts of Tampa

Marianna Massey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The elephant, who has always been something of a daredevil, heard about the legendary Florida Man and listened to his heart. Leaving his friends, family, and even his fiancée behind, he packed up and moved to the outskirts of Tampa to pursue his dream of becoming Florida Elephant.

On Saturday, that dream was realized.

Image: Fox 6 News; Google Maps; 20th Century Fox