Josh Duhamel's Blonde Wig Looks Like Judith Light the Dog & It's Perfect — PHOTO

Summer is almost officially here (June 21!) and definitely unofficially here (L.A. hit 100 degrees last week!). You know what that means? IT'S POOL PARTY SEASON! The super hot couple that is Fergie and Josh Duhamel attended a party in Beverly Hills on Saturday. Based on the pics of Fergie and Duhamel en route to the soirée, it looks like the party had a theme. Ya know, like any good party does. The theme of this particular shindig: beach/surfing/Hawaii... I think? I wasn't invited, so I can't say with certainty. Axl's mom and dad dressed very beachy/surfy/Hawaii-y, so that's what I'm running with. Seems like a logical conclusion.

Fergie kept her look simple: she flossed a flowy patterned dress. She looked beautiful, per usual. But Duhamel went for the theme. He wore flip flops, swim trunks, sunglasses, a Tommy Bahama-y top, a lei, and a Hurley hat.

That might sound like enough. Some may say it sounds like too much. (When it comes to a costume party, there is no such thing as "too much.") This ensemble was not enough for Duhamel. He would go big or go home with his 'stume. I imagine he looked in the mirror and thought, This costume could use a little more pizzazz. A little oomph. I imagine he said he knew just the ticket:

A wig. A blonde, flat-ironed wig. A surfer dude-esque wig. It's very Judith Light the dog plus David Lee Roth. Oo! And a hint of Heather Locklear. It's gorgeous.

Way to commit to the 'stume, Duhamel. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.