'Girl Meets World' Theme Song Forces Everyone to Put Away Their Nostalgia Filter — LISTEN

Boy Meets World might have been a quintessential '90s show, but the spinoff series, Girl Meets World, is not. Admittedly, that fact was easy to ignore in the face of all the nostalgia and the Boy Meets World cast members returning to reprise their roles, but there's a significant time lapse between Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. Never was that made more clear than in the Girl Meets World theme song, which was released in full by Disney on Monday.

Boy Meets World cycled through four different opening sequences over the course of its run, from the extended opener of seasons one and two that was nearly as long as the episode itself to the Friends-esque theme "Boy Meets World" that started up when they went to college. All of them captured the feel of the show at the time. In seasons one and two, Boy Meets World focused mainly on the antics of Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter as they got involved in numerous shenanigans and ultimately learned a lesson about life, friendship, or family. In the later seasons, the show began to explore broader themes of adulthood and change perfectly reflected by the more somber and mature theme of the song.

Girl Meets World, on the other hand, has a theme song that matches its more colorful and modern tone. It sounds exactly like the kind of song one would expect the next big Disney star to release as their first single on the radio, exactly like the kind of song you can expect the nearest preteen to be humming for weeks. The song does a good job of making it clear that Girl Meets World might be inspired by Boy Meets World, but it's in a generation all its own and we need to get used to it.

As sad as I am to have to put away the nostalgia filter through which I've been viewing this upcoming Disney show, it's fair enough that we should let it breathe and grow into its own thing. After all, the Disney Channel of the present is nothing like the Disney Channel of the '90s, for better or worse. Hopefully, Girl Meets World will be on the side of the better.

Listen to the song below.

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