Jennifer Aniston's Relationship Advice For Selena Gomez Could Make All The Difference

Guess who she's going to for love advice now? Rumor has it that Justin Bieber's on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez is talking to new pal Jennifer Aniston about her love life, and the former Friends star is dishing out some words of wisdom. Breakup advice from Rachel Green herself? Sign me up, please.

So where did this advice-fest allegedly happen? An "insider" tells that Selena and Jennifer were spotted at dinner at Madeo in Los Angeles with two other male friends. Selena and Jennifer supposedly chatted amongst themselves about Selena's love life and according to this "insider," Justin Bieber's name came up in their conversation a lot, and Selena appeared to be "nodding along" to everything that Jennifer was saying. At the end of the dinner, Jennifer allegedly handed Selena the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson, a self-help book all about loving yourself.


Obviously this is just a rumor, but this is kind of a great rumor. Who would be better to help Selena get over the Biebs once and for all than the celebrity queen of breakups herself? While the tabloids always want to paint Jennifer as the lonely, bitter ex-wife, her Pilates body, successful projects, and hot fiancé proves otherwise. Come on, like you wouldn't take advice from Jennifer on every and anything.

Bieber is bad news, and if anyone can get through to Selena, let's hope it's Jennifer.