Deap Vally is "Gonna Make My Own Money," In Killer New Music Video — EXCLUSIVE

I swear in another life I was the most badass of the badass broads. I was a-rockin' 'n' rollin' with sass to spare. (I bet you Shirley MacLaine and I were friends). Which is why we love ladies who shred it up with female-empowered rock 'n' soul. Enter: Deap Vally rockers Lindsay Troy and Julie Edwards with their cool as hell tune, "Gonna Make My Own Money": A declaration of independence and prowess that every lady needs to hear. And we've got the exclusive performance video to prove it! (Don't say we never did anything nice for ya.)

In this exclusive video, shot at the Hollywood Guitar Center for the legendary music journalist, radio personality, and producer Nic Harcourt's popular podcast At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt, the ladies of Deap Vally ruminate through song on what it takes to be truly independent and buck against the de rigueur way of doing things. Ain't nobody here that needs to marry a rich man just for his money — the ladies of Deap Vally (and likely most of you badass readers out there) are going to make their own and do it with a style and verve that's equal parts The White Stripes and The Alabama Shakes.

Even in this single clip we're certain you'll get amped on the ladies of Deap Vally and their super-empowered feminist leanings. The rest of the podcast is available to download if you're into that sort of thing. Which you probably should be, as it features two more performances from the ladies — the songs "Six Feet Under" and "Walk of Shame" from their debut album Sistrionix — in addition to an interview with the ladies and Harcourt himself. Now go forth and be badass, you unbeholden broads.