'The Little Mermaid' Gets a Sharky Twist

How’s your Tuesday going? Swimmingly, you say? Well, well, well. Funny you chose to use that adverb, because I've got just the ocean-themed video for you! Fox ADHD’s "The Little Mermaid Except Shark" is a short animated video that may sound like something you’d want to show a youngin’ (it’s a cartoon! There's a song! It’s Little Mermaid-y! Sharks can be fun!), but trust me: You don’t want to show this video to a youngin’. Unless the youngin’ can handle watching a shark chomp a bunch of land animals in half, sprout a pair of creepy human legs, and get its fin lopped off.

Wait. Who am I to decide what a youngin' should and shouldn't watch? Forget I said anything. Ball is in your court now.

Aside from the violence inflicted on and by the shark, it is kind of a cute short. I mean, it has its cute moments. Like... uh... the song! The song, sung by Nick "One Man Disney Movie" Pitera, is very sweet. (Until you listen to the macabre lyrics, that is.) And before he goes on a rampage, the little orange shark is pretty darling. He's just a shark with a dream!

Sofia Coppola, eat your heart out:

Image: Animation Domination High-Def/YouTube