'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Stops By Jimmy Kimmel to Hear His Official Contestant Picks — VIDEOS

Andi Dorfman is continuing to prove how the opposite of Juan Pablo she is by being nice to ABC and actually making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live . On Monday night after the airing of her first episode, she headed over to his show to be officially sworn in as The Bachelorette and to hear Kimmel pick his favorite of her potential suitors. You'll want to pay attention to those because he almost always gets them right. But first let's watch Andi get the official Bachelorette swearing-in ceremony as performed by Kimmel.

"We're already late with it," the comedian lamented to the crowd. "The Bachelorette needs to be sworn in to make this official. There only three people can do that—the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, Oprah, because she can do anything, and me. I've been ordained by this network and the state of California."

He then asked Andi place her right hand on a copy of People magazine (the Bible of Bachelor news) and make several promises. Among them, "solemnly swear[ing] to date 25 men simultaneously as millions of Americans watch" and promising to "use the word amazing a lot." Andi gamely agrees to the stipulations and is granted the prestigious title of The Bachelorette. You can watch her induction ceremony below:


Later Andi was interviewed by Kimmel and he listed his top four men, which he does for every Bachelorette and usually gets pretty spot on. If you still need to fill out your bracket, you'll want to pay attention now:


And there you have it, Andi is officially our Bachelorette and Kimmel has officially made his picks. Let the serial dating and rose-giving begin!

Image: ABC