Brides, Skip the $550 Stem Cell Facial

Kim Kardashian is an exceptionally stunning women, so when I heard she'd shelled out $550 for a pre-wedding stem cell facial, I was a bit taken aback. First of all, what even is a stem cell facial? And who administers them?

The stem cell facial is vegan (they are plant stem cells, not human babies, so calm down) and, according to The Cut, this one was administered at Lancer Dermatology, which I can only hope is owned and operated by Dr. Frankenstein's mad scientist protege. What, exactly, does a stem cell facial consist of? There's a rose face oil mask, an LED light, and (of course) vegan stem cell serum involved. And all for a cool $550 that Kim K. didn't really need to spend because her skin is basically always flawless anyways. Probably all those blood facials are doing the trick.

Does anyone else get the sense that Kardashian is just trying to be as outlandish as possible to draw more and more press as The Big Day approaches? There are the dress and guest list speculations, the Florence vs. Versailles showdown (spoiler alert: Versailles is not an option anymore), etc. We get it: you're rich and you're getting married. And, okay, fine. I'm totally buying into it. Please change your mind about not broadcasting the ceremony on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

As far as the stem cell facial goes, I wouldn't exactly say that it's the new bridal must-have. Use the $550 on a pair of shoes or your something blue, not on an overpriced spa procedure that probably won't really make you glow any brighter than you already do.