Cat Interrupts Performance of "Let it Go" — VIDEO

Look, guys, we love Frozen as much as anyone. But maybe it's time to let "Let it Go" go. Even this cat is getting tired of this song, and he is just not taking it anymore.

The scene is one similar those taking place in the rooms of teenage girls across the country: a friend sitting on the bed with a cell phone camera, a good pair of pajamas, and a dramatic lipsync rendition of her favorite Idina Menzel song. Just a fun night at a slumber party, right?

Enter: the demon cat. He walks in, eyes glowing, tail raised. He already knows what's up, and this cat is not having it. He lets her get a few lipsynced words in, and then he formulates a plan to stop this madness. Being, you know, a cat, there's not a lot of options, so he goes to the one place within reach: the light switch. And he turns it off again, and again, and again, until his owner finally gets the point.

We understand you, cat. You're expressing the same exhaustion many of us feel upon hearing this Oscar-winning song played yet another time. Maybe it's time to take a hard look at ourselves, as a nation, and dare to ask the question: do we really need another rendition of "Let it Go"?

Juanita Attebery on YouTube