'Rap Shirts for White People' Might Offend You

Oh, don't act surprised. It was only a matter of time until someone decided to go and make rap shirts specifically for privileged white people. Why? Because they were probably tired of them pretending they were "straight outta Compton" with those other hip hop tees. Thanks to #RapShirtsForWhitePeople, though, you can now show everywhere where you really come from. The graphic tees have "witty" takes on rap verses, such as "Bitch Don't Spill My Wine" and "Mo Money Mo Priuses."

While most of them are pretty funny, others try a little too hard and as a result, come off as somewhat offensive. Take the shirt that reads, "Started From the Top" — does that imply that all and only white people were born into affluent families? Or "My Self-Respect Brings the Boys to the Yard" — are we saying that only white girls are confident, self-assured women?

I think the biggest problem I have with these tees is the fact that they're called "Rap Tees for White People." The creator could've easily named them "Rap Tees for Hipsters" or "Rap Tees for the Upper Middle Class," and gotten away with it. But the fact that they are saying these shirts are solely for a specific race kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't get me wrong — I'm not trying to be a complete square about these humorous shirts, because it's obvious that at the end of the day they are really just that — humorous tees that are playing on a popular trend. Still, I can't think of anyone who would wear some of these tees. In my mind, you'd either have to be a total d-bag or a completely ignorant person who has no idea what the cultural and societal implications of wearing one of these shirts would be.

What do you think? Would you be more offended seeing a bro-y dude wearing one of these tees at a music festival or an oblivious young bougie chick wearing a giant Tupac or Biggie face on her chest? Discuss.

Images: RapShirtsForWhitePeople