Quick-Thinking Man Catches Falling Baby From Second-Story Window — VIDEO

Mark this one down as a big-time crisis averted. A man in South China saved a baby falling from a second-story window last weekend, snagging the child as onlookers reacted in horror. Having seen the baby wobbling close to the window's edge during a heavy thunderstorm, the man, identified by Reuters as Mr. Li, hurried across the road and showed an admirable amount of focus and composure, ultimately grabbing the little guy out of mid-air.

This isn't the first time amateur video has captured some everyday heroes saving a falling baby or young child. The footage brings to mind a similar video shot in Los Angeles earlier this year, showing similarly heroic act of baby-catching — that one with the aid of a box-spring mattress.

In the case of the South China baby and his rescuer, witnesses attempted to aid the effort by laying down cardboard at Li's feet, to soften the fall in case he was unable to catch the child — a catch which, ultimately, looked like a pretty close call. As Li himself told press: "I didn’t think too much at the time. I was just afraid of failing to catch him."

To say that everyone looks relieved at the sight of the little guy would be an understatement.


Image: Youtube