Macaulay Culkin's The Pizza Underground Doused With Beer at Concert But Not in a Fun Way

Macaulay Culkin is in a pizza-based comedy rock band. That alone should be enough of a story in and of itself, but Culkin's The Pizza Underground has been around since 2012, their demo album recorded live in Macaulay Culkin's house and their participation in Riot Fest making them seem even more legit. Culkin's band is one of those that it's impossible to take seriously, unless, of course, you're the audience in Nottingham. Macaulay Culkin and the Pizza Underground were booed off stage during their set at Dot to Dot Festival and the audience even went so far as to pelt the band with beer.

The whole shtick of The Pizza Underground is to take The Velvet Underground songs and adapt them so that they're instead about pizza. This leads to such smash hits as "I'm Waiting for Delivery Man", "All the Pizza Parties" and "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice" — if by smash hits you mean you're laughing too hard to even make it all the way through the song. Apparently the crowd in Nottingham was in less of a jovial mood because instead of finding the humor in the song they just helped Culkin off the stage in the rudest way possible.

Why the crowd was so irate was beyond me. After all, Dot to Dot was an entire music festival that featured such acts as Drenge, The Midnight Beast, and Betty Who, such a broad range of artists that there was basically something for everyone. It's not as though the audience at Nottingham bought their ticket only to get there and realize that they'd paid money to watch that kid from Home Alone sing cover songs about pizza. They knew exactly what they were getting into.

Then again, maybe the songs were making them hungry. Maybe they were angry that Macauley Culkin wasn't wearing a Ryan Gosling shirt. Maybe none of them actually realized they'd paid money to watch that kid from Home Alone sing cover songs about pizza. Maybe they saw their empty wallets flashing before their eyes and responded with gratuitous rudeness. Maybe it was all of the above.

Regardless, The Pizza Underground took the attack in stride, playing as much of their set as they could before the audience's behavior drove them off the stage. They even took to Twitter in order to thank the fans who managed to keep their hands on their beers instead of flinging them at the stage.