One Direction's New Makeup Line Targets Young Girls and Feels a Little Creepy

Maybe it's because I have a little sister, but I've always thought that young girls kinda shouldn't be wearing makeup. Stick-on earrings and a little Sharpie nail polish are par for the course when you're 9 years old and just want to be 13, but there's definitely a line to be drawn when it comes to adolescents and makeup. And not a thick line of liquid eyeliner, either. Do we really want our younger siblings feeling "naked" without mascara in their pre-algebra class?

Apparently One Direction does. The British boy band is launching a makeup line in collaboration with MUA Make-Up Academy that will be available soon on The collection is called "Little Things" (okay, it's the name of one of their singles, but ew), and features nail polish, cheek tints, lip gloss, and lipstick for adolescents who are done with fangirl shrieking and ready to move on to kissing. (I'm not just being snarky here — the lipsticks actually have "Kiss You" emblazoned on them.) Most products are priced under $5, making them perfect for the type of girls who still get an allowance.

In a marketing move that's probably brilliant, but still a bit uncomfortable, the boys of One Direction will tell you exactly which shades they prefer on a woman. Deciding on a lip gloss? You can pick between "Harry Loves Strawberry," "Zayn Loves Watermelon," "Louis Loves Vanilla," "Niall Loves Cherry," and "Liam Loves Blueberry." Each nail polish bottle has a band member's face attached, and the boys have all signed their favorite lipstick.

I totally understand the urge to pick a favorite band member (I used to cut out photos of Brian Littrell, no shame), but the subtext beneath "Harry Loves Strawberry" is "Harry loves strawberry...on your lips." So makeup equals beauty equals attracting a lover. And while I'm sure that idea is enough to send One Direction's groupies into a collective faint, it contradicts many of One Direction's lyrics, and it's not something I'd wish on any younger sister.

On a happier note, please enjoy this video of One Direction frolicking in the surf while singing in unison.