Madonna Bails on NYC Jury Duty — Look to Her Lyrics to Explain Why It's So Terrible

It’s been reported that the Queen of Pop/Material Girl Madonna skipped out on jury duty in New York City. Madonna was ordered to serve in a lower Manhattan courthouse on Monday, but did now show up for her assignment. New Yorkers are allowed to apply for postponement, however Madonna missed the deadline and failed to appear in the courthouse. Tsk, tsk Madge. However, she did serve her civic duty in 2008 for an order in Beverly Hills. C’mon Madonna, the people of New York need your no-nonsense jurisdiction. If nothing else, we’d at least like to see how Madonna dresses for jury duty.

Though we can’t say we blame Madonna for skipping out (as illegal or frowned-upon as it may be). Jury duty is notoriously awful. It’s time-consuming, boring, and takes you away from your actual paying job for a measly daily fee. Oh, and it could last for weeks or months.

Though Madonna lives in a $32 million gated mansion in the Upper East Side, she, just like every other New York City resident is not exempt from the misery that can be jury duty. We’ll leave it to her Madgesty in her own words to tell us why she couldn’t muster it up to report to the Manhattan Supreme Court at 111 Centre St. Madonna, take it away:

You can't be indecisive

“Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind”

Losing a day or a week of work is terrible for your finances

“You know that we are living in a material world/ And I am a material girl”

Holding someone’s Future in your hands is stressful

“I hold the lock and you hold the key”

It can be painfully boring

“Heaven help me!”

The details of a case can be exhausting

“Faster than the speeding light she's flying/Trying to remember where it all began”

The frustration of being called in, then released and still wasting an entire day

"Tell me what I did to you to make you treat me so badly."

Basically, almost anything is better than jury duty

“Look around everywhere you turn is heartache/ It's everywhere that you go/ You try everything you can to escape/The pain of life that you know”

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